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Offshore company formation In UAE

An offshore company is a legal formation formed to operate outside its legal jurisdiction. In UAE there are three Offshore jurisdictions available they are Jebel Ali Offshore, RAKICC Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman Offshore.


Jebel Ali Offshore

JAFZA Offshore is a company registered in Jebel Ali Freezone. JAFZA Offshore company can own a property in UAE.


RAKICC Ras Al Khaimah

RAK offshore company can own shares in a mainland company or a free zone company in the United Arab Emirates.


Ajman Offshore

Ajman Free Zone helps to Foreign investors to open companies with the intention of business trading activities in the Free Zone.

Jebel Ali Offshore Company Formation

JAFZA Offshore company is the only offshore company in UAE to own properties in Dubai. But both developer and Freezone approval is required

Jebel Ali Offshore Company Formation​

JAFZA was created in the year 1985. It is Dubai’s biggest free zone surrounded by Jebel Ali Port it is one of the biggest ports in the world.  JAFZA offshore company is not allowed to set up an office in UAE under the company name. This allows international companies to enjoy international shipping benefits and free zone advantages also. It means there won’t be any corporate tax for 15 years, no personal income tax, no import-export duties, no restriction on currency, and an easy manpower supply.

Jebel Ali is located nearby Dubai city and just one hour drive from Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE. Al Maktoum International Airport, which is planning to be the largest airport in the world for passengers and cargo. It is located very nearby Jebel Ali Offshore.

JAFZA Offshore company’s activities are not limited to some specific activity, it can have a wide variety of activities.

Jebel Ali Offshore company can start a bank account in UAE for their operational needs.

JAFZA Offshore company is not eligible for a UAE residency visa.

Key Feature Of JAFZA Offshore company

  1. 100% foreign ownership is allowed in JAFZA.
  2. JAFZA Offshore can own real estate properties in the region.
  3. JAFZA Offshore company can own shares of Freezone and LLC company in UAE.
  4. Open Company bank account in UAE.
  5. No need to disclose the names of directors and shareholders on the public register.
  6. The registrar has the right to appoint inspectors to investigate the activities of the company. owner need to pay the charges.
  7. The company accounts must be audited every year.
  8. Number of share holders will be minimum one and maximum not limited.
  9. Capital structure can be decided by share holders.
  10. Minimum number of directors must be two.
  11. JAFZA Offshore company can contct with legal consultants, lawyers, accountants and auditors.
  12. Registrar is the final decision maker for approving or rejecting JAFZA Offshore company formation application.
  13. Allowed to setup shareholders and directors meeting inside UAE.



RAKICC Ras Al Khaimah

RAK Offshore offers almost all international business activities but the company is not permitted to conduct business activity inside UAE.

RAKICC Ras Al Khaimah​ Offshore Company Formation

RAK International corporate centre is also known as RAKICC is situated in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. RAK ICC providing a facility for international business registration and management.

RAKICC is an international and fastest-growing Offshore company registration centre and compiles with modern business practices.

Key Feature Of RAKICC Offshore company

  1. RAK ICC will keep details of shareholders and directors confidentially.
  2. No requirement for accounting and auditing.
  3. Exempted from tax.
  4. RAKICC Offshore provides a modern business framework for international business.
  5.  100% foreign ownership, no UAE local partner requirements.
  6. RAK Offshore company requires a minimum 1 director and 1 share holder.
  7. RAKICC company can open a bank account in UAE.
  8. RAKICC can be set up within one week, depends on registrar approval.

RAK Offshore company can carry out almost all business activities the exceptions are –

  • Banking, Insurance and fund management.
  • Trading of petroleum and crude oil.
  • Trading of gold and diamonds.
  • Gambling.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Charities or nonprofit organizations.
  • Lending services.
  • High value and luxury goods trading.
  • Mining.
  • Defense industry business.

Ajman Offshore

Ajman freezone was established in the year of 1988 recently they added Offshore company formation to boost international business.

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Ajman Offshore is regulated by Ajman freezone authority. just like any other offshore company Ajman Offshore also offers free taxation policy and investor confidentiality. Ajman Offshore company won’t get any operating license they get only a company incorporation certificate. 

For Ajman Offshore company registration the director of shareholders needs to be physically present in Ajman Freezone office and sign the application.

Ajman offshore is the fastest in formation process once the activity and company name is approved, within 1-2 working days process can be completed.

Key Feature Of Ajman Offshore Company

  1. Ajman Offshore doesn’t require industrial or office space in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. No trading activities permitted within UAE.
  3. Chamber of commerce registration not required.
  4. No residency visa.
  5. Annual audit report is not mandatory.
  6. office addreess will be the address of registered agent.
  7. Easy bank account opening process in UAE.

Business Activities Of Ajman Offshore

  1. General trading
  2. Management consultancy.
  3. Advisory services.
  4. Holding company.
  5. International services.
  6. Shipping companies.
  7. Ship management companies.
  8. Commision agents and brokers.

When speaking about benefits of Offshore companies, anonymity in doing business and tax exemption are the primary adwantages of an offshore company.

How to Setup an Offshore Company In Dubai, UAE?



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